Tuesday, March 10, 2009

one fine day.

So, last week it was finally warm enough to play outside so I took the kiddos to the park by our house. I still made them wear sweatshirts and jackets but even I took off my coat once we had walked there. It was sooo beautiful and sunny, and since it was a school day there was only one other toddler there so they had the run of the place. Gennie loved swinging and was thrilled to find that this year she can reach to push herself on the big-kid swings. Josiah was less happy - I put him in the baby swing and he screamed like I had just cut off his legs - so he stuck to peeking thru the climbing wall and going down the slides. He climbed all the way up to the medium slides all by himself and tried it out:
but wound up butt-first with his feet up by his head -- and was less than impressed:
So the next time he did it his own way:Honest to goodness I did not pose this shot. He really did just turn over and go down backwards on his stomach. I was laughing so hard that I'm really thankful this photo isn't blurry.
And after all the coaxing and bribes that we've done, and Uncle Joey did when he was here, Gennie finally went down the Big One. Nevermind the awkward position I was in to get this shot. That's why I get paid the big bucks, right? Yeah. :)
Oh yeah, and this is where the new blog banner photo came from. Yay, Spring! Unfortunately, the cold weather came right back the next day and we got more snow last night. But we can dream!

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sinkthis said...

Yeah.. I'm wondering what happened to "global warming" *rolls eyes*. It's -10 here today... it was 50 above like 4 days ago!! Oh well. How was your 30th? I was thinkin' about you and how it must be terrible to be 3333000000!!!!