Saturday, April 28, 2007


So, as promised, here are some pix of the great golf game. The weather's actually in the 70's today so we went outside to play for a while. Kevin's still getting over the crud he caught this week . . . he's been home since Wed lunch.

We had hoped to get Gennie and Maggie out for a walk today but Kev's just not up to it yet so he and I sat in the lawn chairs and watched Gennie in her sandbox and golfing. I forgot how incapacitating it is to be preggo . . . just doing minor housework or sitting outside for an hour is enough to make me want a nap. And, oh, the body aches . . . I didn't have them with Gennie nearly as bad as I do this time. I feel like my whole body has been put together wrong.

Apparently Gennie has gotten over her fear of getting dirty . . . she climbed right into her sandbox and sat in the sand. Kev said while I was gone she did the same thing . . . Daddy must make her brave or something. And she actually squished a bug all by herself! I couldn't believe my eyes.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Instructions, please!!

I saw this blankie idea on a blog that I found and LOVED IT right away. All you seamstresses out there - I need your help! It would be perfect for the Project Linus group I have joined to make handmade blankies for kids in stressful/life-threatening situations. Upon further investigations I found out that the idea came from a stuffed animal that had problems and was eventually just cut in half to save it from an un-bear-able end. Then the blanket was sewn to it. The whole thing is about 19 inches square and the blanket part was made of minky (?) fabric so it's really soft and washable . . . kid friendly. The chick said she had seen similar ones at the craft/fabric stores and finally sat down to try one of her own. She sells them on her website but I'd like to try and make my own. Obviously I wouldn't copy them entirely as it's her idea and she should get the credit but I'd love any thoughts/advice about how to do it myself. And bear in mind . . . I'm very much a beginner at sewing. I can follow a pattern, sew around corners, etc., but other than that . . . I'm way better at scrapping! Just ask my mom-in-law! Anyway, if you have help for me, either post a comment here or email me at And thanks for all your suggestions in advance!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I promised a friend that I would get some of my latest scrapping posted on here for all to see. Sorry the pix kinda suck . . . took them in a hurry and some of the pages are already in protectors for the albums. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I took Gennie on Fri afternoon to sign up for preschool. She wanted to me tell you all . . . she is soooo excited to start. She thinks it's not fair that she has to wait until the fall to go but we keep telling her that after the baby gets here she can go to school. She'll be in a class of all 3 year olds meeting Tues-Thurs mornings for a couple of hours. She informed me the other day . . . "Mommy, I will go to school and Josiah will take a nap and you will vaccuum!" While I was signing the papers and filling out the insurance info, etc, she met a little girl that was very friendly and took her to play on the Little Tykes equipment they had . . . Gennie was VERY upset with me when I was all done with the paperwork and it was time to go home . . . especially since all she had waiting for her at home was a nap. Yes, she's 3 years old and still takes an afternoon nap . . . usually from 1:30 until 3:30 or 4. Awesome!! I get scrapping done or take a nap or work on pix or whatever. I plan to keep her napping as long as I can. And boy, oh boy, does she still need it. She is a cranky little beast if she skips naptime. I know, none of you can imagine her as a cranky little beast . . . trust me!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

6 1/2 years and I still love that guy!

So, this will have to hold you for a little while. I was at Ladies' Retreat last weekend and didn't get any pictures taken, and Kev was home with Gennie and they did lots of fun things but he didn't think to get out the camera . . . apparently that's my job. He taught her how to golf with her little $5 club set in the yard and they played in her sand box and all sorts of fun stuff so maybe I'll get some shots of them when they go out to play again soon.

This shot was taken shortly after we got married in 2000, at our apt in Redding, CA. He had come home from work and was VERY ready to be in street clothes . . . he worked at a financial planning firm at the time and it was suits and ties everyday . . . but he couldn't get the tie off. He had pulled so hard on the knot that he had actually tightened it and had it wedged onto his head. Of course, I had to have a picture because he was so freakin' frustrated . . .

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


We had a fabulous Easter! We started the day with a big breakfast at church . . . the men get there really early and do all the cooking for the ladies . . . I guess one day a year is pretty good! After the teens are done eating they go outside to hide the easter eggs for the little kids. I know easter egg hunting isn't really a part of church stuff on easter but it keeps the little kids busy outside while the adults do all the clean-up from breakfast and put the sanctuary back together for service . . . our church doesn't have a separate fellowship hall for meals so we have to put up and tear down all the tables and chairs each time we have a pot luck. Anyway, the hunt keeps the little kids out of their parents' way for a few minutes and makes getting ready for church much faster.

This year a bunch of our people had gone to see family in other places so the 300 eggs we stuffed with candy and pocket change were hunted by just 3 kids . . . and all the moms cringed at the thought of all that candy . . . we also did two bags-full for 2 kids who were going to be there but got strep the nite before and couldn't make it.

As you can see we didn't have any snow this year . . . the first year we were here it was soooo muddy that the kids ruined their new easter tights and shoes and we had to postpone church for a little while to give the families time to run home and change. But it was only about 40 degrees so she still wore her winter coat.

After church we went home to get Gennie down for a nap and then went to dinner at my parents' house. Dad grilled steaks and lamb chops . . . yep, still don't like lamb . . . so Kevin tried it with the mint jelly. He actually liked the lamb but I told him he would have to wait until easter every year for my mom to fix it because I'm not going anywhere near it! To me, it has such a nasty aftertaste that I can't stand to put it in my mouth. And it's not just pregnancy weird taste buds. Ugh, enough about lamb . . . I can still taste it.

After dinner we let Gennie dye her first batch of eggs. We had been in Salt Lake on Sat and got back really late so we didn't have time to dye her eggs. She loved it!

She loved wearing Kev's old shirt and didn't even spill the dye . . . but each time she dipped an egg out of the cups, she thought she was supposed to sip the liquid off the spoon . . . I'm not sure why she thought that was a good idea but after a good taste of vinegar water she changed her mind.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sick weekend

So, I was so proud of myself for two posts in two days . . . then nothing for a whole week! Gennie caught a cold last Thurs. and spent most of the weekend curled up on the couch. She's funny when she's sick, tho . . . she tries to run around and play like normal, then remembers she doesn't feel well and wants to curl up with us. Then just as she gets settled and comfy, she wants to get down and play again . . . for about 5 minutes. Then the cycle repeats. Makes it hard to get anything done but nothing beats cuddling up with her so it's okay. She was better by Sunday so we could get to church and no one in the nursery has gotten it so far.
We heard from the insurance FINALLY about Kev's teeth situation. The verdict is that they are going to cover most of the cost under our Medical coverage (praise God!!!) and two small parts of the treatment will have to go under our pitiful dental coverage. I was just so excited when the chick called to tell me they had made a decision that I didn't think to ask just what was going under the dental so we have to wait until the letter comes and see what it says. Hopefully it's something really small like the teeth extractions or something . . . at $98 a pop Kev will probably see how many he can get out just by eating a steak or something. His mom offered to come out and pull them for him . . . he says that's not even an option. He tells this story about one morning she dropped him off at school (he had a loose tooth at the time) and as he was getting out of the car, she got him to turn around, grabbed the tiny tooth and yanked it out, all in a matter of seconds! He was so surprised that he wasn't sure just what had happened. She made him go and wash his mouth in the fountain, said, "Have a good day!" and drove off to work. Needless to say, he's not letting her around these teeth! :)