Sunday, August 29, 2010

crowell teasers

So, this little man will be turning two soon -- and in anticipation, I got to play with him in the park! I'm not completely done editing all the shots but I promised his parents I'd put a few teasers on here while they wait:
He's just such a cuddly little guy -- I love his tiny grin!
I got to do some family portraits while I was at it. The water.... and weather.... was perfect and I don't get that very often in WY!That's all for now as far as teasers go .... I have to save some surprises for their CD. But, as promised, here is one of my favorite family shots. If it were me, I would enlarge this one huge and hang it prominently in my house. I just love it -- and it's totally THEM:Thanks so much guys! I had a blast! Your CD's coming soon!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So, while I'm eager to get back here and blog some more, we've got so much going on that it's just not going to happen right away. Kev's gall bladder (and subsequent seizure) ordeal, neurologist appts, rescheduling surgery, 2 weddings back to back, family sessions, school starting and prepping Kev's classroom for kids -- the list goes on and on......

Hopefully life will return to normal soon -- sans gall bladder and all it's ridiculousness -- and I'll be back to highlight our summer.

Be back soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

6.5 & 3 - portraits

This first one of Gennie is my absolute favorite of her for this round of portraits. . . with a nod to poetic irony, it was the last one I took of her after I had told them we were done and they could play on the swing set. . . she was climbing up the slide ladder and I screamed, "Stop!!!" and shot the picture. But it's the closest to her real smile that I got all day. And I LOVE this one of Josiah . . . even though it's farther away, it just really looks like him right now.This one was just a little too "posed" looking . . . and I'm not sure what she's looking at.
Who am I kidding -- I love them all. Every January and August I get so excited to shoot their next round of portraits. And it's getting a lot easier now that they can sit still for more than a minute . . . and can be bribed with candy. (We went through 3 sleeves of Pez candies and a baggie of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in this half-hour shoot. Good thing they're cheap!)

it's that time of year again!

Six and a half -- and 3 years old! More portraits to come!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

my new crafting blog!

So, I decided to split up my blogging into two separate blogs: one for the family stuff and the happenings around these parts and one for my craftiness. The main reason for the split is that not everyone who wants to read about our family stuff wants to see/hear about my recent craftiness and on the other hand, not everyone who wants to see my craft stuff wants to hear about our family. You are all still more than welcomed to check them both and I LOVE to get comments on anything (but I only like the nice comments, neener neener neener) so I hope you stick around and check out what we're up to.

With that, I'd like to introduce Spicy Tuesday Crafts! Come on over and take a look around at .