Tuesday, April 29, 2008

8 month portraits

so, I figured I'd better get these on here since he's going in for his 9mos dr appt tomorrow. Miss G had to get in on the action too, of course. And Josiah's nose is flaming because he was mad at me for not letting him crawl around so he had been screaming and his nose turns bright red when he's mad, or crying. Still cute, tho!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Little Miss Sophia - sneak peek!

So, I did a baby shoot with this little darling today. I had sooooo much fun that I had to come right home to edit them. She talked to me and laughed for me and I had such a good time. Thanks, Tom and Erin, for letting me spend time with you!

I think this was one of my favorites:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

at least the kids are feeling better

so, I got them both down for LONG naps yesterday and decided to edit photos in the quiet time instead of napping myself. Paid for it later in the evening, but at least I have some fresh photos to share! They turned out pretty good for being created in a drug-induced cloud:

Gennie's been so happy that the weather warmed up . . . even for just a few minutes . . . that she's been glued to that swing. She goes out there and sings at the top of her lungs with the wind in her hair. Of course, she is still learning to "pump" her legs on the swing so she really doesn't go very far and she's scared of falling off so she doesn't want to be pushed very high but I guess you have to start somewhere. (I think I should have cropped that photo a little differently. Oh well, you get the idea)
Josiah finally enjoys bathtime. Now that he sits up just fine he loves the big duck tub. And he's discovered splashing so usually I'm as wet as he is.
(the original of this photo had crazy red-eye so not only did he look like a little rabid dog but with the glowing eyes he looked possessed, too.)

And anytime I come near him with the sprayer he feels he must drink EVERY drop that comes out. Wonder what he'll do with the sprinkler this summer.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

our fearless leader is off to a conference in Star Valley . . .

. . . so to show our displeasure for his leaving the rest of us decided to catch a cold. Yes, all of us caught one huge, disgusting, snot-filled cold. He comes back sometime Friday afternoon, so until then, G & J & I plan to hover around this corner of the counter.
Back soon - when the snot subsides.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

a good idea gone bad . . . or "was that really a butt I saw go by?!?!"

So, I dropped Gennie off at preschool this morning with high aspirations of how to spend my 2 glorious hours with only one kid to haul around. I planned to go to pick up a few groceries for supper tonite . . . since I can't seem to get everything I need in one trip . . . I've been to Smith's every day this week . . . then up the hill to the scrapbook store to spend my birthday gift cert. I hadn't had a chance to give Josiah his whole bottle yet because he doesn't like to eat right when he gets up, so I figured I'd have to feed him somewhere in there, either at one store or the other. I finished up at Smith's and put him and the groceries back in the car and realized I still had at least 15 min. before the scrapbook store opened so I thought I'll just feed him in the car while we waste the last few min. I got out his bottle and climbed into the backseat beside him so I could help him hold the bottle. By that time he was really getting hungry so I was sooo proud of myself for thinking of a way to use the time . . . multitask! He finished up the bottle and I wiped him up, then reached out to open the back door. Nothing. No familiar click, no opening, no nothing. I clicked the lock button . . . nothing. I was completely confused for a minute, then it hit me . . . those three little words . . . CHILD SECURITY LOCK.

I locked myself in the backseat with Josiah in the parking lot of our grocery store. Frick.

Now, I drive a 1998 Chevy Blazer and there's plenty of room in the back seat for two car seats and groceries and all but it's not THAT big. The cargo area is certainly big enough but the back hatch has no latch inside the vehicle so that wasn't an option. I was getting kind of concerned by this point, but not completely hysterical. The little old man that patrols the parking lot for carts wandered by muttering under his breath about the horrid people who don't put their carts back . . . I could read his lips as he went by . . . didn't seem the type to ask for help because I didn't want to risk the heart attack I was sure would ensue if I started yelling and bouncing the car. Josiah is cute and all but absolutely no help at climbing out and opening a car door . . . nevermind he'd never reach the handle even if he could stand up all the way. Last resort time . . . my only way out was over the front seat.

I moved Gennie's booster seat out of the way so I could stand up in the back seat, then realized that I was more than half way bent over. Finally, somewhere I was too tall to be. What a time for that! I couldn't get my legs up over the seat while standing up because there wasn't enough room for me to lift my legs. Okay, it's go time. I'll have to go butt first.

I turned around and squeezed my backside thru the space between the front seats and unceremoniously plopped into the driver seat backwards. Luckily, I had on my nylon track pants which clung nicely to the velour seats and stayed behind as I moved, ending up considerably lower than my waist as I landed. All that was missing was the inevitable horn honk as my butt hit the steering wheel. I snaked my legs over the seat and under the steering wheel with as much grace as I could, then sat there for a minute, laughing hysterically at myself. When I regained control and was able to sit up and drive, we went on our way . . . me chuckling to myself and thinking "I can't wait to blog this one!" and Josiah laughing because Mommy was laughing. Awesome.

Monday, April 7, 2008

what I've been up to . . . since I obviously haven't been blogging

So, this is what I did on Friday . . . made a bean bag chair for Gennie's room.

I got the pattern at the Bad Place along with the fabric . . . her whole room is done in this motif, different variations of this color scheme and flowers . . . and it actually went together really fast. And there's a twist . . . it's not just for sitting, it actually holds all her stuffed animals and dolls. Being a girl, she has a TON of them and we used to just pile them on the end of the bed but it was a terrible eyesore and annoyed Kev to have to fight thru the plush mountain to get her into bed. And she would stay awake at night to play with them instead of going to sleep. So, instead of stuffing the bean bag with packing peauts or, you know, BEANS, I just left the hole at the bottom and did buttons and loops so she can get her Buddies out as needed then put them away.
The buttons don't really match but they are close enough and I'm trying to not let it bug me too much. Funny how I like eclectic things as long as they go together . . . which kind of defeats the "eclectic" part . . . whatever, I'm bizarre like that.
So now she has one more piece for her room and she loves it, especially since it's only about half full of buddies so there's plenty of room for more. There is a kind of hot pink/orange glow coming from her room, tho. You should see it in the summer. The afternoon sun hits her windows dead on and it's almost too much to look at . . . kind of like being on the surface of the sun but without the immense heat and death.