Monday, March 29, 2010

sneak peek - Miss Sydney!

So, I got to play in the park with this little beauty! I love my job!
Her Mommy and Daddy got in on the fun, too! It was freezing outside when we did this and she REALLY wanted her coat on but after a few of these she was happy again:And that fuzzy coat was just so cute that we had to use it, too.
After we were done freezing at the park we went back to her house for a few more shots.
Thanks for letting me play, Katie and Joe! As always, it was a true pleasure!

Allie Gator and Sal A. Mander

So, we have some new friends around here. G's is an alligator and J's is a salamander . . . hence their names. (I'm not counting these in the 31 projects because they were finished before my birthday but they're still cute . . . and deserve a post, don't you think?)
I had some random colors of yarn to finish so I whipped these guys up for some hand-puppet fun. Jo's was finished first and although I did measure it before I finished, it goes up into his armpit. I did a little better at fitting G's and tried an open-able mouth just to change things up. We've been having quite a few sneaky gator-bite attacks . . . nothing like having one of these guys reach around the corner and jump out at you when you're not looking . . . and for a salamander he's rather pinchy. And both new friends have been declared "security force" members, standing guard each night at the foot of their owners' beds. Whatever gets you through the night!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Project #3

So, since I counted the Teddy-Go-Round in my 31 Projects, here's a look at project 3.

We haven't told her yet but we're going to Disneyland this summer! I wanted something for her to get the characters' autographs . . . but I really didn't want to pay for the little autograph books they sell there because I'm too cheap . . . so I put together this little mini book.
Each page has a pre-placed photo spot and an area for the signature . . . with room for the stamp they use for the characters who wear gloves (Buzz Lightyear, Pluto, etc.)
Some inside pages:
And I'm hoping that if I ask them to sign by the "X" they won't write across the photo spots:
I found several fonts I love, like this "Minnie" one and back on the inside cover that Disneyland is called "Started By A Mouse." I cut the letters out with my Silhouette machine and hand-cut the little Mickey ears, then ran them through my Xyron sticker-maker.For the back cover, I found a sticker like this on a random website and LOVED IT so I hunted through fonts until I found one close enough and cut it out.
Sorry about the random reflection on the covers - I laminated them with those self-laminating sheets and they are CRAZY shiny in real life. I don't usually use lamination on my mini albums but I'm just sure that we'll spill something on it during our trip and rather than scream at her (or her messy little brother) I decided to be proactive. I know, I know, personal growth.

I had all the supplies in my stash so this one didn't even cost me a penny. I love stash-busting!
And lest you think I didn't learn the proper way to use the "apostrophe s" on the end of her name, I do know that a name that ends with "s" doesn't need the extra one after the apostrophe. However, she's learning to read and recognizes that you need an "apostrophe s" to show something belongs to that person. And I'd rather be wrong for now than be constantly corrected by a 6 year old. So sue me. :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

31 projects

So, one down! I made this little wall hanging for our dining room wall . . . to cover up the cupboard door that encloses the circuit breaker box. See, these are the colors I was talking about - not quite as scary as they first sounded, right! Brick, butter, sage, and teal. Oh, and I got to use my Silhouette cutter to do the flowers . . . any reason to use it is fine by me!
I found a tutorial on how to make these little origami squares then slipped in the photos and glued the whole thing together with Mod Podge. Love it!
Anyway, more projects to come!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

goin' green today!

I can't believe I forgot to wear these socks today! I love St. Patrick's Day - guess I'll just have to wear the socks tomorrow and extend the love!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

31 projects

So, in honor of my turning 31 I've decided to complete 31 projects this year. Kev thinks that I'll far surpass this goal but I'm not so optimistic. I'm a great starter . . . I get lots of ideas and begin LOTS of projects . . . but I'm really not a finisher. If you could only see my stack of started scrapbooking layouts and mini albums in my closet -- wow, yeah. When I start a layout or a project I put all the components into one of those giant zipper bags (the 2 gallon ones) to keep it all together until I'm finished. Great idea, but now my scrap area looks like a tribute shrine to Ziploc . . . we should've bought stock.

So this year I'm determined to complete projects, 31 of them to be exact. There's no prize for finishing except maybe the flat pile of empty bags ready for new inhabitants and a great reduction in my overwhelming stash of crafting and scrapping supplies. I've already got a few under my belt, such as the aforementioned Teddy-Go-Round, so I'm on my way. The photo at the beginning of this post is of the growing pile of Granny Square loveliness that is currently taking up 2 ziploc bags behind my spot on the couch. I'm making a throw blanket to keep in the front room . . . I'm always freezing . . . and it's going to take 100 of these squares to finish it. I've got about 35 done as of last night and each square takes about 1 hr to finish so I've got a ways to go but I hate just sitting around watching tv in the evenings - feels more accomplished if my hands are moving. I realized when I put together my blanket mini album that I've only made one other blanket for myself in all these years so I'm splurging. Don't be afraid, but the squares do match our home colors . . . the lighting was a little wonky when I took the photo but yeah, our colors are brick, butter, sage, and teal, all in varying amounts so it's not a rainbow. I love it and Kev doesn't mind it either.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on here about my progress. The projects aren't only going to be for me but also for friends and for donating so I'd better get on it!

31 and counting

So, I turned 31. Without much fuss, really. Funny how when you're a kid you actually feel older and more grown up on your birthday but when you get older not much changes and the day feels like all the others around it! My dad took me to lunch on my actual birthday . . . we had to postpone celebrating until the 3rd because of Financial Peace University and volleyball . . . but Dad said he didn't want the day to go by without some sort of specialness. I had to take J to the dr's for a rash (some kind of virus) which is never how you'd like to spend your special day, but when we did get to go to supper and open presents it was great!

I wanted Mexican for dinner so we went to Don Pedro's.
My dad had to fight Jo for his share of the salsa . . . I swear that kid would just pick up the bowl and drink it if we'd let him.I got scrapping stuff and bath and body stuff from my parents and a new watch and a Xyron machine from Kev (the Xyron machine makes a sticker out of anything up to 5" wide and the thickness of a nickel - perfect for scrapbooking titles and embellies).
My parents also got me a New Mexican silver necklace on their recent trip to Albuquerque.

After supper we went to Coldstone for dessert. I REALLY wanted Blueberry Muffin Batter ice cream but they didn't have it so I settled (happily) on a Birthday Cake Remix sundae: Cake Batter ice cream, brownie chunks and sprinkles in a waffle cone. Instant favorite!And of course Kev was in ice cream heaven:
I love birthdays!
Here's to many many more!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

somebody else had a birthday....

but then we all got colds so the photos will just have to wait.

stay tuned!