Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day fun

So, to kill some time on Labor Day (since we didn't go anywhere), we took Kev's RC car out to run in the parking lot at church. I got the car kit for Kev for Christmas back in 2001 thinking it would be a fun thing for him to work on over the winter . . . he finished the whole thing in 3 days. Back then we were living in Redding, Ca, and there was so much rain that winter we couldn't take it out to run until it dried up a little so we put it away. Nine years and 3 moves later here it is, raring to go. Kev let each of the kids try it out and both did pretty well with the driving, and G only flipped it once! Not bad for her first try.

They were a little suspicious of it when Kev was driving it . . . "It's gonna get us, Mom!":

J had the most fun just chasing it around the parking lot, especially when Kev got it stuck in the bushes and the batteries ran out.
ETA: Last night we took it out with my Dad's car and ran them again. On the last run of the night (of course it was the last run . . . after that it didn't work anymore) Kev ran it into a divider post on the edge of the property and bent a steering rod. No more fun until he fixes it. Shouldn't take long compared to the 3 days it took to build. :)


The Washburns said...

I LOVE your new header!!!

Jered said...

So you mean to say that the car will be repaired and used again sometime in 2017?