Tuesday, December 1, 2009

o christmas tree, once again

So, on Friday after we got the phone call telling us Pat had passed away, we decided to keep our plans to go tree-hunting . . . Kev and I decided there wasn't anything we could do for Kim from here and it would be better to get out of the house and distract the kids from their tears . . . so we and my parents packed up the cars, got Subway for lunch and trekked into Utah to find a tree.
The kids spent most of their time eating snow and throwing it at each other.

J loved riding in the backpack again . . . Kev's own little barnacle:And G and I had to finish the day with snow angels.Oh, and as I was going thru the photos from the day I found this gem. I'm going to print it really big and put it in the kids' rooms when they misbehave . . . with a little sign that says "Daddy's watching you!"Granted, neither of them could read the sign yet but I think the photo should do the job . . . for now.

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