Friday, September 24, 2010

tiny shooter

So, this kid cracked me up today. I was taking some photos for an etsy posting (check later to see them) so I set up this little scene in our front room where the best light is and started shooting. I was totally wrapped up in what I was doing, so much so that I didn't notice I had company. Josiah had run to Gennie's room and gotten out her camera so he could shoot some product shots, too! I love it!

Of course he had to check his work:
He was sooo proud! That camera hasn't had active batteries in it for some time so I don't think he knew it actually took pictures . . . he was THRILLED to see his little photos pop up on the screen:Then, of course, he turned the camera on me and took about a zillion photos of my pantlegs . . . and then the TV screen (Handy Manny was on and apparently he wanted a picture of his friends the tools.) Finally he used up the entire internal memory (more than 100 shots) so I had to go thru them and delete some to make more room. He kept running around the house snapping away at whatever caught his eye. Happiest kid ever!

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