Thursday, October 7, 2010

wanna see something gross?

So, this is the view from our backyard. And from our dining room table. Look closely:It's not for Halloween, although many of our neighbors have already put up decorations. No, this is our back-fence-neighbors' tribute to the onset of cooler weather and hunting season. Yay for us.

Last Saturday night our dog Maggie starting barking and wouldn't stop. She NEVER barks so we were a little concerned but our side neighbors have a dog so we figured she was just riled up because it was outside again. Then Sunday morning as we were eating breakfast Maggie started up again so Kev went out to check on her and this was what he saw.
Two elks, one 9-point and one 8-point, hanging in the tree. Before we left for church it was the bodies hanging there, with their undercarriages split open and pointing at us, but when we got home it was the heads up in the tree. They must have drained them in the field before they came home, thankfully.
Josiah is terrified. He won't go out to play in the yard at all and demands that we keep the slider window's curtain pulled so he can't look up and see them by accident. Sunday night he barely slept and kept waking me up to make me check and make sure he couldn't see them from his own bedroom window (even though his room is on the other side of the house). He told everyone at church about the Zerk (apparently he can't say "elk") hanging in our backyard, to which most people responded, "well, they shouldn't be there long -- it's still too warm and the meat will spoil." Josiah was glad to hear they wouldn't be up there forever.
Now it's Thursday and the bodies and heads are gone . . . although a smaller body was back up there yesterday, skinned and disgusting . . . but the hides are up now, drying out, I assume.
I know tons of people who hunt, both for the meat and the trophies to mount in their living rooms. I don't like the flavor myself, but whatever - go crazy. I just hope my kid gets used to the view so he can go back outside and play. Eventually.

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sinkthis said...

You know as a hunter myself, I see both sides of this. The one side is like "whoa! 8 point elk?! Nice, let me see!" and the other side is like "keep that to yourself buddy, you're scaring away hippie tree-huggers who are looking for reasons to get rid of us decent, respectful hunters who now all look like asses". *shrug*