Friday, December 3, 2010

what do you see?

So, when you look at that first photo, what do you see? A shoveling nightmare? One big shiver?

Well, I see a blank canvas . . . for this:
Snow Painting! The other day I took the kids outside, completely burdened down in their snow clothes with only faces showing, and let them loose with color.

I filled up some plastic garnish bottles with diluted food coloring and let them have at it. Thankfully, since the snow is pure white, it only took a few drops of the food coloring to make the colors bright enough . . . thus preventing the staining of clothes. It was a huge hit! Gennie wrote messages for Daddy to find when he came home from school and Josiah made small puddles everywhere.
The bottles lasted just long enough as I was almost frozen solid from the wind. We finished up and went inside, red-cheeked and numb, for some hot cocoa with marshmallows for them and a huge coffee for me.
I'll finally say it: Yay, snow!

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