Tuesday, February 1, 2011

soccer 2011

So, Gennie decided to play soccer again this year. She LOVES it. And this year her coach is one of the guys from church so she totally lucked out and can't wait to get to practice and games. I never thought I'd be a soccer mom but I think this one's gonna stick.
She was a little nervous to start the year because she thought she had forgotten a bunch of what she was supposed to do but after the first practice she was right back in, scuffling with the rest of the kids.
It's a little hard for me to take pictures of her during the games because if she knows I'm there she can't help muggin' for the camera:
(this was in between plays; we kept telling her to watch the ball!)
She almost scored her first goal at the last game, but it went just a little wide and the goalie got to it. One of these days, though! Hopefully I'll have my camera!

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