Thursday, April 14, 2011

self portraits

So, today I decided to take a few shots of myself for a collage I'm making for our front room. Of course I have lots of photos of the kids and even of Kev (although I get an earful each time I come near him with the camera) but I really don't have many photos of myself. It's such a silly thing, too; I always want to have photos of me because I love photos of any subject and especially of people having fun (and I'm just that narcissistic) but I hate looking at photos of me because I'm a horrible judge of how I appear. Common girl complaint, I know. Anyway, now and again I get motivated to try to get shots of myself, usually when I have something special in mind for them and today was the day. I set up the tripod and used Josiah to focus, set the self-timer, and let 'er rip! I got a few good ones and for the most part, I'm happy with them. They're good enough for my project, anyway. And really, as if it's not hard enough to get a good, focused shot where my eyes aren't too open and my smile looks real and my head isn't crooked. . . . . the boy had to sneak in at the last second: Honestly I didn't even know he was there until I downloaded them. Goofball . . . :)

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Schnackenberg's said...

You look great. And silly Jo, just can't help himself!!