Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So, I made this advent calendar thing for the kids this year. Josiah isn't at all interested yet but next year he will be. Each drawer has a surprise in it for Gennie to open and count down the days to Christmas.
I got the idea from a scrap mag last year and just couldn't wait to try it this year. But the hardest part was finding the matchboxes in the right size. They had them at Wally World but wanted $2 each and I wasn't going to pay $48 to make this myself. Finally I found them at the Dollar store 2/$1 . . . that sounded better. The cashier kept looking at me funny as I unloaded them from the cart to pay . . . I'm sure she was trying to memorize my face and then went home that night to watch the news for stories about any suspicious fires in the area . . . I looked like quite a pyro buying 24 boxes of 250 matches.
Oh yeah, I still have the matches . . . all 6000 of them! Wonder what to do with them.
And Josiah is 4 months old now. He tried rice cereal for the first time this week and did pretty well with it. He also sprouted a tooth last Sat. just for fun . . . guess he thought we didn't have enough going on. Seems a little young to me but whatever. Funny thing . . . he went in to get his 4mos shots and the dr said, "Yeah, he's drooling like they do when they teethe but he's way too young still for teeth." Out it popped the next morning. Awesome! Pix of that to come.

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