Thursday, November 29, 2007

turkey day trip

So, as promised, here's a taste of our trip!
Gennie loved that she got to sleep in her sleeping bag. Josiah had a blast kicking on the big bed . . . and we're not going to think about what could be on the bedspread . . . he only layed there for a minute :).Cracker Barrel was fab for dinner. Love me some hashbrown casserole! My parents and Gennie played that little peg game on all the tables. We all had to try out the rocking chairs on the porch . . . I'd love a wrap-around porch like that some day . . . but not on our trailer.
Josiah helped Kev take the photo. The skin-colored schmear at the bottom is his tiny hand as he reached across and caught the lens cap and tugged just as the camera clicked.
Gennie loves the mall! My little shopper!

And this was the view in the mirror on the way home:

When she's a teen and has boyfriends over, she'll kill me for this photo :P.

Only 11 months until we do it again!


Jered said...

What do you mean when she has boyfriends over? Utah didn't rub off on you guys that quickly, did it?

Samantha said...

Looks like fun! Love the sleeping picture - you are so mean! :)