Monday, April 7, 2008

what I've been up to . . . since I obviously haven't been blogging

So, this is what I did on Friday . . . made a bean bag chair for Gennie's room.

I got the pattern at the Bad Place along with the fabric . . . her whole room is done in this motif, different variations of this color scheme and flowers . . . and it actually went together really fast. And there's a twist . . . it's not just for sitting, it actually holds all her stuffed animals and dolls. Being a girl, she has a TON of them and we used to just pile them on the end of the bed but it was a terrible eyesore and annoyed Kev to have to fight thru the plush mountain to get her into bed. And she would stay awake at night to play with them instead of going to sleep. So, instead of stuffing the bean bag with packing peauts or, you know, BEANS, I just left the hole at the bottom and did buttons and loops so she can get her Buddies out as needed then put them away.
The buttons don't really match but they are close enough and I'm trying to not let it bug me too much. Funny how I like eclectic things as long as they go together . . . which kind of defeats the "eclectic" part . . . whatever, I'm bizarre like that.
So now she has one more piece for her room and she loves it, especially since it's only about half full of buddies so there's plenty of room for more. There is a kind of hot pink/orange glow coming from her room, tho. You should see it in the summer. The afternoon sun hits her windows dead on and it's almost too much to look at . . . kind of like being on the surface of the sun but without the immense heat and death.


Samantha said...

How crafty are you! What a cute idea!!

eagleton4 said...

SO cute! I would have no clue how to make a bean bag chair. I'm very impressed. And her room is adorable.

Bella said...

I love this idea! I think I just may have to make it...we have way too many stuffed objects that my girls just can't depart with because they are like "family" ya know. So, a great way to multi-purpose.