Wednesday, April 23, 2008

at least the kids are feeling better

so, I got them both down for LONG naps yesterday and decided to edit photos in the quiet time instead of napping myself. Paid for it later in the evening, but at least I have some fresh photos to share! They turned out pretty good for being created in a drug-induced cloud:

Gennie's been so happy that the weather warmed up . . . even for just a few minutes . . . that she's been glued to that swing. She goes out there and sings at the top of her lungs with the wind in her hair. Of course, she is still learning to "pump" her legs on the swing so she really doesn't go very far and she's scared of falling off so she doesn't want to be pushed very high but I guess you have to start somewhere. (I think I should have cropped that photo a little differently. Oh well, you get the idea)
Josiah finally enjoys bathtime. Now that he sits up just fine he loves the big duck tub. And he's discovered splashing so usually I'm as wet as he is.
(the original of this photo had crazy red-eye so not only did he look like a little rabid dog but with the glowing eyes he looked possessed, too.)

And anytime I come near him with the sprayer he feels he must drink EVERY drop that comes out. Wonder what he'll do with the sprinkler this summer.

Happy Wednesday!


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