Saturday, May 3, 2008

9 months old

So, Josiah is nine months old! Can't believe it. I know it sounds cliche-ish but it really does feel like he was soooo small just yesterday. Ah, my little baby boy . . .
Okay, the cheese is oozing so I'll stop. Here's what he's been up to:
- dr's appt went well. got his hemaglobin tested - levels are fine. weight: 20lbs, 15 and a half oz. head size: 18 in. height: 29 in.
- he's finally mastered the crawling thing. i don't have a photo of this yet because usually when he's crawling i'm running after him to get him out of the bathroom. (remember that post with the toilet paper?!?!) maybe if i sneak up on him i'll get a good one.
- he's learning to like finger foods, provided he can get them in his mouth. he dropped this one and couldn't pick it up out of the carpet so he rolled it up his foot until he could pinch it. pretty inventive, don't you think?
- he's way more active and into stuff than Gennie was at this age. i'm constantly running after him down the hall and snatching the dog's toys out of his hands. the other day he picked up her rawhide bone and she got all agitated looking from him to me and back like "but that's mine!!!" we've decided to corral him in the pack-n-play in order for me to get anything done. he's not so happy about it but at least i get the dishes loaded in one try.
- gave him his first hair cut. he wasn't so pleased and kept trying to wiggle out of the babypod, which is why the photo is so blurry. he looks much better now and i only cut myself once!

- he's learning when he's in trouble. as i said he is often into stuff where he doesn't belong and when i yell his name he turns his head away and grins so i can't see him. then if i get up to get him, he takes off crawling down the hall as fast as he can. for being so little he sure is fast.

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