Friday, May 23, 2008

we're back, just in time for Gennie's last day of preschool.

So, we're back from our whirlwind trip to CA. Love that place. Anyway, I'll edit the wedding portraits and get a few on here for the bride and groom but believe me, I've got my work cut out for me. Final count: 737 portraits shot. Yeah, I went crazy. But like I told them, I had a blast. They all kept saying they hoped I was having fun even though I had to work and I kept telling them, this is what I live for!! And the 104 degree weather was most decidedly the hottest I've ever worked in but once you're drenched in sweat . . . I mean, perspiration, right ladies? . . . you just kinda get over it and press on. And let's face it, everyone was in the same soggy boat so no one really noticed the dripping. The little kids at the wedding got ahold of the spray bottles and took turns spraying each other down so there was no heat stroke . . . just lots of little girl screaming. Anyway, more to follow as I get the photos finished. Stay tuned . . .

We got back Tues nite and I spent Wed sick with the flu. I guess if I have to get sick it was much better to do it after the trip. Josiah threw up a bunch both days traveling back but we thought it was just motion sickness . . . if I had to ride that far backwards in a carseat I think I'd chuck a bunch, too . . . but when I got sick we figured it was more of a flu thing for him, too. Thurs I was able to pull myself off the couch long enough to take Gennie for her last day of preschool this year. They had a big party/picnic planned for the park but since it is raining like crazy they decided to keep it inside at the school. She had a blast but I don't think the whole "last day before summer break" thing has settled in yet. I'm doing a mini album thing for her of photos of her first and last days of school every year until college so I got a last-day shot then went back to the couch. (Luckily, Kev hurt his hip playing softball on Sunday so he's been home, hobbling around to help me as best he can. Well, not really luckily but you know what I mean. It's hard to chase a 9 month old with your own head in a bucket. PS: Kev's better today and back to work.) What do you think - has she grown up a little over the year? Wow, yeah.

First day:

Last day:

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Katrina said...

Sorry to hear about you being sick... that is never fun! Glad you had a good time at the wedding. =) can't wait to see some pictures!