Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i hate technology + fabulous news

Anyway, about Gennie's news. She made the most important decision of her entire life a week ago when she decided to pray and ask Jesus to forgive her sins and be her Savior!! We could not possibly be more proud! My mom gave her a tiny booklet about how God love us (basically a Plan of Salvation for kids) that she was going to use this year for our Vacation Bible School and Gennie had us read it to her several nights before she went to bed. The last page had a little prayer written out for kids to follow to ask Jesus to forgive them and she was very interested in it but when Kev asked her a couple times if she wanted to pray the prayer with our help she said "not tonite, but maybe sometime." Then on June 29 she came into the front room after she got ready for bed, tossed the booklet to Kev and said "Okay, so I want to pray the prayer tonite." Wahoo! The three of us read thru the booklet again and then helped her say the words and she asked Jesus into her heart! We made a big deal of it for her and wrote the date and info in her little bible. Very exciting!

I have a whole mess of photos from what we've been up to this summer just waiting to be edited and posted on here so as soon as my "work stuff" is done I'll be all over those getting them on here for your viewing pleasure. Highlights include a zillion trips to the park with friends, water play, VBS this week, tons of work in the backyard getting ready for Josiah's 2nd birthday in 2 weeks, etc. Oh, and a particularly funny set showing our newest attempt at keeping Josiah from hurting himself.


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