Monday, July 6, 2009

limping along

so, our computer is seriously in trouble. not like, "ooooo, you're so busted!!" but like, on it's last legs. we've been trying to hold out until windows 7 comes out so we don't have to mess with vista - we dealt with windows ME a few years back and have no intention of reliving that atrocity - but it's been really bad this last week and I even got the "blue screen of death" that means it's dangerously close to stopping altogether. i let it sit over the weekend and was able to boot it up this morning but i'm scared to put anymore photos on it until kev has a chance to crash it on purpose and reinstall everything.

for now i'm backing up everything in at least 6 different places and praying that i have enough time to proof out several photo shoots I've done in the last few days. i'll be back soon with photos of what we're up to, including some exciting news from Gennie about her eternity!

wow, i'm surprised it let me type this posssssss sssss sssssstt tt tttt *%&^ $# &* ( (& ^(&

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