Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"somewhere over the rainbow - you've got mail!"

So, here's our halloween! G decided to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, complete with Toto riding in his basket (and eating her candy).
And J was dressed up as his favorite person in the whole wide world - Dave, our mailman! Everyday he paces in front of our window waiting for Dave to come with the mail so Kev thought it'd be cute to make him a little letter carrier.
Yes, it was still light out when we started but that's when you get the best photos - so sue me!
After showing off to Grandma and Grandaddy and surprising their neighbors, we went with the Bundy's to the Trunk or Treat. Every year a church in town has all their people drive over and park in their huge parking lot to hand out candy from the back of their cars. At first we were all really wary of the idea - seemed like a child-abductor's dreamworld . . . "Come here, little children, and let me distract you with this candy while I stuff you in the trunk of my car!" - but it was really well-lit and we stayed with them and they ended up with a ton of candy without the bother of going door to door. Sorry it's blurry - I guess I was excited (or shivering):

After that we went back to the Bundy's for a party and hung out until Josiah was beyond sleepy and turning into a pumpkin. Had a fantastic time - I love any reason to hang out with friends and eat caramel-covered Cheetos! (Yes, that's really what I said and it's amazing!)

Coming soon: a photo of our little mail carrier with his role model!

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D'Et said...

Ohmygawsh. That. Is. SO. Cute.

Sooo cuuuute. Wait, did I mention how cute it is?

Glad everyone had a great time!