Friday, May 28, 2010

Sneakiness, among other vices

So, the girl has decided to give us a sneak peek into our future with her, specifically the teenage years.

God help us.

Yesterday we were running late for the bus so I decided to drive her to school myself. We arrived in plenty of time and as she was getting out of the car I realized she didn't have a jacket with her . . . and her class was going on a field trip outdoors and it's still not quite spring weather yet. So I told her to go on out to the playground and I'd bring a sweater back to the school for her. I ran home and grabbed the first one I could find then hightailed it back to the school to see if I could catch her before they went inside. Just as I ran onto the playground the bell rang and I couldn't find her in the mass of K-4th graders running to line up so I drove around to the front of the school to go inside and take it to her classroom.

When I got to her room she was already inside doing the morning stuff with the class. Not wanting to interrupt, I found her backpack on the hooks in the hall and went to stuff the sweater inside for her to find later. I noticed that the tennis shoes she had worn to school were stuffed inside the backpack, and wondered why they were hanging there but figured maybe the teacher was letting them go sock-footed as part of the fun of being little kids on the last weeks of school. Whatever. I went on with my day.

After school in the random conversation that ensues when a 6 year old wants to tell about her day, I asked her what the deal was with her shoes hanging in her backpack.

Silence. It was palpable.

With further prodding, it came out that she's been sneaking a pair of nasty-old-too-small-raggedy flip flops to school in her backpack and changing out of her shoes into them once she arrives. We had told her weeks ago that she wasn't to wear the flip flops anymore because they are so small and trashed and she trips continuously in them . . . and then tears up her knees and cries a bunch. We've . . . both Kev and I . . . had this fight with her REPEATEDLY over the last 4 weeks but haven't seen the flip flops in a few days so we figured the argument was over. Turns out they've been living in her backpack, waiting for their daily attention at school.

Now, if she's starting this "sneaking to school and changing once she gets there" stuff now, what's she got to look forward to in Jr. High or High School?

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sinkthis said...

Whoa-hoo-hoo! Amy! Too funny. I pulled the same kinda thing... in 4th grade! With a cheerleading skirt (thankfully that phase passed!) If it helps, I got caught and didn't do it again...