Sunday, August 29, 2010

crowell teasers

So, this little man will be turning two soon -- and in anticipation, I got to play with him in the park! I'm not completely done editing all the shots but I promised his parents I'd put a few teasers on here while they wait:
He's just such a cuddly little guy -- I love his tiny grin!
I got to do some family portraits while I was at it. The water.... and weather.... was perfect and I don't get that very often in WY!That's all for now as far as teasers go .... I have to save some surprises for their CD. But, as promised, here is one of my favorite family shots. If it were me, I would enlarge this one huge and hang it prominently in my house. I just love it -- and it's totally THEM:Thanks so much guys! I had a blast! Your CD's coming soon!


Styrofoam said...

Awww.. Mordo is adorable, and his parents aren't too bad either! ;)

Schnackenberg's said...

So cute!