Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween 2010

So, here are some highlights from our halloween this year. We held fast to the Toy Story theme and had a Jesse:
And of course, Buzz Lightyear:
I love this next one. They probably won't trick or treat together forever so I'm loving the fact that they do it now:
Gennie had her costume parade at school:

And Kev had to dress up for school so we got in on the fun. Kev's core of teachers decided to stick together and based their costumes around him. He was at the tail end of another flare-up of his bone condition and had been on crutches for a week, so they decided he would be an injured football player on crutches (they even got the school's wheelchair and pushed him around in it for the school parade), one of them would be the coach, one would be the school nurse and one would be a cheerleader.
We went to the Bundy's annual halloween party on Saturday night, too, so I had him go as the injured football player again and I went as his cheerleader girlfriend. I haven't had so much hairspray in my hair since I was in middle school!

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sinkthis said...

Too funny! Aria was Jesse this year too and she was soooo excited! A fun day... love that Toy Story is still such a big deal! Didn't the first movie come out when we were in high school?