Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Schwarzrock sneak-peeks

So, here's another sneak-peek for a family session I did recently. It was a blast, and I had a terrible time picking out just a few of my favorites so I put all my faves on here....and Kali, there's plenty more on the CD!

Look at those curls!

Their little guy is such a cutie. . . he was cracking me up the whole time!
They got the last of our fall colors, too!
In this last one, it's a little hard to see on here but his huge grin as they swung him was so big and happy. . . adorable!! Thanks again, guys, for letting me take your pictures! It was fantastic!


The Washburns said...

Amazing job, once again Martha:)

Schnackenberg's said...

awesome shots!! What a cute family!!