Monday, January 10, 2011

Gennie's 7th birthday

So, Gennie turned 7! This year she wanted to have a friends party at the gymnastics place here in town. The kids had a great time burning off energy jumping and bouncing and crashing into each other:

After they were all jumped out, Uncle Joey busted out the balloon animals:

We all decided that if the History-teacher thing doesn't pan out he has a real future working grade-school birthday parties as a clown. :)

Grandaddy even got in on the action:
Then we went upstairs for the Build-Your-Own Ice Cream Cones! I baked cupcakes in ice cream cones and the kids got to pick out their own toppings . . . the caulking-gun thingy I'm holding had the frosting in it and they got to add colored squiggles and sprinkles and chocolate and peanuts, etc. :

After the great presents and the ice cream cones they all went back downstairs to burn off the sugar until the parents came to collect their kids. All of the sudden there was a pair of ear-piercing screams from below. We all bolted down the stairs to see who had broken what. Thankfully, it was our kids . . . I say "thankfully" because at least we were there and I didn't have to explain why someone else's kid was maimed at my kid's birthday party . . . Gennie and Josiah had run into each other on the bouncy-racing thing. Josiah's head was bleeding and Gennie's mouth was bleeding . . . turns out that when they hit, Gennie took a chunk out of the back of Jo's head and Jo knocked a tooth out of her! Once the bleeding was under control, we began the search for the missing tooth and that's how the arriving parents found us -- with Gennie in tears because "the Tooth Fairy won't leave me anything if I don't have the tooth to put under my pillow! She won't be-leeeeve me!" One of the other mom's finally convinced her that the Tooth Fairy would believe her if she wrote a nice note explaining the situation, which Gennie did that night (and she got her 75 cents just like usual). What a way to end a birthday party!
On her actual birthday we had a huge turkey dinner and pie and she got to open her presents from the family. She got a bunch of chapter books from the grandparents - it wasn't planned, but she got the entire Ramona Quimby series from Nana and Great Grandma & Grandpa, with no overlaps! She was thrilled!
Grandma and Grandaddy got her a fish tank of her very own! We'd been talking about it for weeks, about getting the tank stand and supplies, but she never caught on. She was really surprised:

She got to help them set it all up and get the water ready, then the next day Uncle Joey and Aunt Krista took her to the pet store to pick out some fish.
She was thrilled and picked out some fun ones. Unfortunately we've already had our first fatality: the one she named Tattoo got herself sucked into the filter. But we had her for a good two weeks and with a few tears we moved on.
Gennie already seems older to Kev and me - it's amazing how much more grown up she has been acting. Usually you don't see the difference right away. I've got to say it's kind of freaking us out a little. :) Love that girl!

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sinkthis said...

Wow! Has it been 7 years since I got that birth announcement?!
And you look terrific Amy!!:)
Aria got a fish tank awhile back and it is a smash (smaish!) around here! We learned the hard way about over-feeding fish tho... like marathons fish funerals in one day! -kinda funny now, at the time, not so much- Glad she had a wonderful b-day. She's growing up so fast and so beautifully!!!