Thursday, January 6, 2011

sister portraits

So, every time we get together . . . ever since my sister's wedding in Aug of 2004 . . . my sister Krista and I have someone take pictures of us. No real reason, just for fun. Anyway, Krista and Joey came out for Christmas this year (photos of that to come!) and we snuck away for a few freezing minutes to shiver for the camera. Joey came with to shoot us and had the pleasure of holding our coats while we posed . . . although I think he was more than happy for the added layers in the 27-degree cold. This first one was a favorite:

And this last one was another fave, both for us and our parents. And you can't even see our teeth chattering! Joey did a great job! Love that guy!

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The Bundy's said...

Uh oh! I better watch out. Joey may put me out of business!