Thursday, March 3, 2011

birthday week

So, it's that time of year again -- Kev's and my birthdays. Kev's is first and he wanted to go to the Asian bistro called Chopstix . . . we hadn't tried it yet and Oh My Gosh, soooo good. Especially the Honey Walnut Chicken. Wow. In other news, yep, it really was this gold-ish/green color in there. Kinda weird for photos but nice for ambiance:
The wait-staff brought a sundae boat and sang to him . . . in the tradition of the "Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra" scene in A Christmas Story . . . and took a picture of us for their Birthday wall. Then the presents were opened and he got Season 5 of The Office, a new watch, and my parents paid for him to go to the men's retreat with a bunch of the guys from church - which he loved and had a great time at.
Thus began my favorite week of the year . . . the week where Kev and I are the same age at the same time, before I go and get one year older again. I chose the Bitter Creek Brewery for my birthday supper and had an avocado burger . . . celebrate big, I say!
Not sure why I look crazed in this one . . . but it was a good burger. I got some scrapping mini book stuff, the Blu-Ray of the old Robin Hood movie with Errol Flynn, and a laptop desk from my parents (love 'em!). Gennie and Jo made plans to spend some of their own xmas money to take the whole family to see "Gnomeo & Juliet" this weekend (they both know that movie theater popcorn is my all-time FAVORITE junk food in the whole world and wanted to give me a special outing to go with it -- love those kids!). And Kev paid the down payment on a new camera for me -- the Canon 5D!! My dad was selling his and Kev worked out a deal for me to purchase it from him! (Later, I teased him that he had bought me an obligation for my birthday, but it's just what I wanted and needed. Love him!)

Now, birthday week is over and I am once again older than Kev (and he doesn't let me forget it)and there's only 51 weeks to go until Birthday Week 2012.....
ETA: I just realized Kev wore the same shirt for both birthdays . . . washed in between, of course . . . henceforth to be called The Birthday Shirt!

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sinkthis said...

Too funny with the "birthday shirt"!! You all look so great! Tell your parent I said "Hi!". Glad you both had a great birthday:)