Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this girl

So, I love it when I download my pictures and shots like this are in the mix. Surprise . . . there's Gennie! She had borrowed my camera to get a few extra shots of a friend's baby shower and decided to slip this one in just for me. Love it. And I just have to brag about her for a minute. She recently was moved up a level in her reading group . . . she's now reading at a 4th grade level. And she's only in 1st. Those chapter books are flying by and every 2 or 3 days she's onto another story. We've had a few people ask if she's actually comprehending what she's reading or if she just skims the words . . . then we have her tell them all about the story she just finished and after a complete regurgitation of the story, almost word for word, they don't question her anymore. :) Along with this, they did a Words-Per-Minute test and she's reading 130 words per minute. Apparently that's really good, too -- at the end of 1st grade they are considered proficient if they can read 29 words per minute. Wow. Apparently all that trudging through those insipid baby books from the time she was born really did pay off! Who knew all those educational researchers could actually be right?! :) Bragging completed.

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