Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am

missing: my sister Krista and her hubby Joey. they should live here now.
wearing: jeans and a crazy-bright orange shirt with a scarf and my orange Converse.
working on: end-of-school gifts for teachers/co-workers, baby shower stuff for a close friend
eating: no sugar or starch for the next two weeks. post-diet maintenance phase.
dreaming of: warmer weather which should be starting any minute....
realizing: the fire engine siren which is realistic enough to be right outside my house is in fact just Josiah's fire truck going off in the toy box
impatiently waiting for: school to end so Kev and Gennie are home to play
anticipating: a happy phone call
loving: the generic Walmart version of Crystal Light orange drink
thinking about: how wet G is going to be after the waterfight b/t the teachers and students at her school today.
feeling: kinda chilly in the house...may need to add a sweater
listening to: Josiah and James arguing over a hot wheels car in the hallway (friends, sheesh!)
reading: blogs I like and facebook

1 comment:

sinkthis said...

aww amy! you know i love posts like these!!! i may have to "steal" this idea sometimes:)

I am totally with you on the sister living too far away thing. and are you completing another round of hcg? how is it going for you? it's a great diet... can't wait to resume it once baby comes!

take care friend:)