Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Miss A - one year portraits

 A few weeks after her birthday party (see post below) I got to play with this little darling again.  Her mom came prepared with cupcakes and Miss A daintly went to town.  I love that she started by poking the frosting, then pinching the sprinkles one by one....and then she dug in. 

 And what happens when the cupcake is over?
 After the cupcakes, we went to run around in the park:

 We picked a LOT of flowers (don't tell the mean landscaping lady):

 And we climbed a tree (with Daddy's help, of course):

 And I kid you not, I didn't enhance her eyes in this one at all.  They really looked like that!  Can we say, "WOW!"

Thanks again for playing, sweet girl!  We'll see you again in a few months!

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Christina said...

you. are. awesome!!!!! I love her eyes and the crying!