Wednesday, January 30, 2008

6 months old

So, it's not the actual day but I thought I'd better get something on here about Josiah reaching
6 months! He:
- loves to laugh and show off his 3 teeth.
- flirts shamelessly with anyone who comes near him; waitresses, people at the store, etc.
- can finally sit up by himself, as long as he doesn't sneeze.
- likes oatmeal but ONLY if it has apple juice in it.
- weighs 18+ pounds and is almost too tall for his bucket car seat.
- sleeps well by himself in his crib in his room . . . FINALLY!!
- wants a blankie to cuddle with when he is sleeping.

- is getting over his fear of crowds . . . Kev says this is good since he can't be a football player and afraid of big groups of people at the same time.
- recognizes his friend Ethan. We sat them face to face the other day and Ethan chewed on Josiah's socks as Josiah grabbed ahold of Ethan's lower lip and pulled. Best Friends!
- is showing signs that he will be left-handed. Even if the item he is reaching for is right at his right hand, he will flip completely around to get at it with his left. South-paw!
- has everyone snowed over by his smile. No one at church believes that he cries so I took this photo to prove it:

And that's Josiah at 6 months!

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Samantha said...

Holy cow...6 months already!?! What a little cutie he is!!