Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's like they read my mind!

So, I found this site today after seeing a link to it from one of the blogs I lurk frequently and I don't know how I missed it in the past! Anyone who has known me for a good long time knows my complete and unchanging love for socks. The back story is that when I worked for the Simpson College admissions office back while I was in college, one of our bosses was constantly trying to jazz up the office environment to break the monotony of calling potential students and convincing them they should skip JC and go directly to a private school. (wow, run-on sentence.) Anyway, he instituted Spicy Tuesday - the one day a week we could veer from our usual business attire . . . for our feet anyway . . . and wear whatever sock design we wanted. I leapt at the chance because I'm not and never have been interested in dressing in business attire for any length of time . . . I have an eternal hatred for all things pantyhose. Thus began the collection of Spicy Socks that has currently reached more than 50 pairs in my drawer. Family and friends jumped at the chance to add to my delinquency as they make a really easy gift to give. I even wore rubber ducky socks and white tennis shoes for my wedding.

All that to say . . . I love this site! Here are a few favs:

Actually, there wasn't a pair . . . well, group . . . that I didn't like on there! Loved them all, except maybe the ones called liners. I want my socks to stand up and be noticed and appreciated, not hiding in my shoes. That's another reason I love the tradition here of taking off your shoes in the winter whenever you enter a house, either yours or when visiting someone. I know it's really to make sure you don't track snow everywhere in their house but secretly I believe it's for me to show off my fabulous socks!

And this -- the greatest container ever! It comes with 9 different single socks to mix and match, all stuffed into this little tupperware. They say there's 36 different combos in every one.

And finally, socks that you don't have to pair up and fold together to put away. Kev will be thrilled! I'm running for the credit card . . . . :P

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