Monday, March 31, 2008

8 months already

So, at 8 months old, he:
- still doesn't have any interest in crawling, but will roll himself anywhere he needs to be. (you know, like how just about any kid rolls down an available grassy hill)
- loves ice cream and brownie (thanks, daddy) but then cries ALL NIGHT because his tummy hurts.
- whispers "Dada" to anyone but Kevin.
- has to have his own menu at a restaurant, just like Daddy.

- sleeps well through the night, although sometimes it's just too hard to get up in the morning.
- likes to play Superman with Gennie's cape and let her take pix of him in it.
- can stand for quite a while if he has something to hold on to. He pulls himself up on the sides of his toy basket so he can be up where the action is.
- has outgrown most of his clothes and is wearing 12-month stuff now mostly for the shirt length. (The belly-shirt went out in 1985 and really wasn't a good look for boys to begin with.)
- still loves to smile at anyone who comes near and we love to see it!

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