Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, last night I finally finished editing and proofing all my senior portrait sessions for this season! Yay for me! I got them all to come over here and choose their fav for the yearbook and now it's up to them to make sure they get in there. Now I can concentrate on the families and newborn sessions I did in the middle of all that.

But this morning I decided to take a short break from the mouse/mouse pad and put away a few more boxes . . . yes, I hate moving and truthfully whatever doesn't get unpacked and put away in the first 2 weeks in a new home - well, let's just say we were still tripping on quite the stack of office/business boxes in the middle of our bedroom. As a surprise for my husband, who had quite given up his dream of walking to his side of the bed without climbing over my office supplies, I tackled the rest of the pile and finished it up. While I was wading thru my collection of Post-Its . . . yes, I do admit I am an office supply junkie . . . I buy random pens, etc, almost every time I go to the store . . . Josiah was having some fun of his own. He was over here at the computer pretending to type and using the mouse. And brilliant little guy that he is, he managed to, in the literal 2 minutes I wasn't looking at him, open up 29 different internet explorer windows. Sorry I didn't get a photo of this - do you even know how long it takes to close that many windows, who are all trying to get on the internet with our measly cable connection?!?!?! I was sure he was going to crash the whole thing. Grrrrr.

On a happier note, Gennie wanted me to share her recipe for a delicious juice she's been concocting (in her head, not in her glass.). We've been hooked on Top Chef for several seasons now and she loves to practice "plating" her "dishes" . . . every night when I set her supper before her she wants me to recite what she's having just like they do on the show. Mac and cheese doesn't cut it; it's now "Ground beef and baby peas with small elbow pasta in a lovely cheddar sauce." I love this girl. Anyway, now that we're between seasons of the show, she's been making up her own recipes . . . I don't know if we will try many of them, tho, as they kinda don't always go together. This one wasn't bad, except the salt and pepper:

Gennie's Banana Strawberry Juice
- 1 box chocolate pudding
- a whole cup of milk
- a pinch of salt, must be Kosher salt from mom's little ramekin on the table
- freshly ground pepper medley
- 1 banana
- enough water to finish filling up the glass
- strawberries, but only if you like them

Mix together in this order and drink all at once.

Yes, I absloutely love my life.


SchleigerFamily said...

Maybe I'll be trying Gennie's juice, minus the chocolate pudding! haha....I miss hearing all the silly things she says!

sinkthis said...

Yes, you are the Amy on my post! I laugh so much when I read your blog... Gennie cracks me up! I lovelovelove the juice recipe!!!