Friday, October 3, 2008

i forgot to post about our gig.

So, last week was See You At The Pole across America. The churches in GR and RS get together the night before for a teen rally and this year the people in charge asked our church's worship team to be the music for it. We thought we were just leading the worship part like in a church service but it turned out that we were kinda more like a guest band. It was great . . . . we got to play as loud as we wanted to get the kids riled up! There wasn't that great a turn-out for it but those who did come got to hear a pretty fun guy bring the Word -- reminded me TOTALLY of my bro-in-law Mark; his voice was sooo like him. Anyway, here's some photos of us playing:

Our elec. guitar guy (in white, in the back) was also in charge of making chili for the nachos and chili-dogs after so he alternated between playing and running downstairs to stir in more chili powder. Oh, and it was held at the Catholic church so that's why Jesus is still on the cross back there: And now you can see me . . . with my little Britney Spears mic. They decided they wanted me to sing for reals instead of just pretending . . . the keyboard has its own speakers right where my knees are and a regular mic on a boom stand picks up way more of the piano than of me singing so Dad got the headphone mic for me . . . so now I get to sing and people can hear me. But it doesn't have an Off switch so once it's plugged in, it's On . . . I have to remember NOT to say "Oh Crap" or "Frick!!" when I mess up on the keyboard. For some reason Dad thinks some in the church family would object to that being broadcasted thru the room . . . Can't imagine why. :P

Oh yeah, and this photo . . . we walked in to set up and practice and this was in the kitchen:

The sign says "Please do not prop this door open." And the "please" is in all caps. Awesome.

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