Friday, October 24, 2008


So, Valerie tagged me and this is one sounds fun.

The rules: List 6 quirks about yourself. Tag 6 other people to do the same. List the rules on your blog.

Here we go:

1. I HATE having my temples touched. You know, the sides of your head, right beside your eyes? Yeah, hate it. No massages, no rubbing to relieve a headache, nothing. I just can't stand it. It almost paralyzes me. I have no idea why but I've been like this for as long as I can remember.

2. I can't pronounce words that end in an "ash" sound. Cash, mash, smash, etc. Also, any words that have a variation of that sound. It comes out as "Cay-ish" or "Smay-ish". Don't know why on this one either, but the family thinks the best one was back when we sponsored a child with Compassion International. "Compay-ish-on Internay-ish-onal".

3. I can't go to bed at night without a clear path to the front or back door. Even if the whole room is a disaster, as long as I can get out and to the nearest exit, I'm okay. Kev thinks I'm a freak about this but I think down deep I'm really just afraid of burning to death in the night because I couldn't get out of my room.

4. I love all things about office supplies. I can hardly go to the store without picking up a new pen or a pack of post-its or something. Often I don't ever do anything with them, I just really like having them in the house. Compulsive much?

5. I would like to have my blood replaced with Dr. Pepper. Not really, but it would be way easier to have it pumped in thru an IV. I love that first sip, as it slips down my throat and I swear I can feel the caffeine entering my bloodstream. I know, sounds like a heroine addiction but I love it.

6. I refuse to eat fruit and meat together. Orange or lemon chicken, pork chops and applesauce . . . yeah, it's all lost on me. Meat should be savory or salty and fruit is supposed to be sweet and you just shouldn't mix the two. And even if I wasn't allergic to pineapple, I would still ask them to put the sweet and sour sauce on the side so I could eat the chicken plain.

I tag Krista, Annie, D'Et, Kim, Grandma Joanne, and Sam.


grandma joanne said...

Good thing I read your blog this afternoon!

O.k., 6 quirks, hmmmmm...What if I don't have any quirks?

1. I gotta have my Columbian coffee in the a.m., strong and black! The world will not turn on it's axis unless I have coffee.
2. The morning paper, as pathetic as it is, had better be on the driveway in the morning because it goes with my morning coffee like Dr. goes with Pepper.
3. The rest of my house can be messy but the bathrooms need to be clean and the kitchen counter cleaned off.
4. It really ticks me off to have someone else use my computer and decide to rearrange my desktop or hide the icons I depend on just because "it looks better that way".
5. For as long as I can remember I've not been able to tolerate whiners for any length of time! For Heaven's sake, get a grip, go brush your teeth, kick a stump or something, just do not whine!!!
6. Am I the only one who thinks 2 & 3 year olds are the neatest 2-legged creatures in the world? Even if their favorite word is NO or WHY.

This is going to Debbie, Becky, Karen, Terri, TJ.

D'Et said...

You girls are making me think maybe I need to start one of these blogs!

Ok quirks... Let's see... I have lots.

1. I can't stand odd numbers unless they're divisible by 5. Temperatures, volume levels, you name it... they all have to be even.

2. If something gets too popular or too hyped up it doesn't matter how much I may have liked it at one point... I will avoid it at all costs. Forever.

3. I clean my ears compulsively.

4. Music amplifies my emotions exponentially, but is also the only thing that can center me when I get off kilter. I have roughly the equivalent of 850 albums worth of (mostly) digital music, but I LOVE my record player.

5. Everything I own is organized by shape/color/function/size/etc. Closets, cabinets, shoes... you name it.

6. Drinking vodka makes me mean, reggae music makes me downright homicidal, I have probably a hundred things of lip stuff (but never lipstick), I hate chewing gum, am a bit of a socialist, and absolutely must have clean rims on my car. *huff, puff, gasp*

I'm so glad you have such a caffeine addiction. We should form a sisterhood! Hehe!