Thursday, April 2, 2009

in my most polite voice

taken yesterday. we've had a whole week of terrible snow storms. and my roaming gnome is not impressed.
dear snow, let me begin by saying i do enjoy you. i look forward to your arrival each fall because it means i can wear whatever new hat/scarf i've procured most recently. i love watching my kids play with you. i don't think i could ever go back to christmas mornings without you. you bring a fresh and clean feeling to the day when i peek out the window in the morning.
but let's be reasonable. here we are, beginning april, and you are still here. just a few days ago we were at the park and you were all but gone. the sun was warm and inviting and we laughed and played in short-sleeved shirts without jackets. but then you decided to rush back in with reinforcements. really, i think it's over for this year, okay? we're done here. stop teasing us by letting the sun come out for a time then chasing it away again. we have years and years ahead of us to spend with you and we'll be happy to see you again next winter. get that - winter! but now it's spring and we're ready for the sun.
warmest personal regards, amy

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