Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what I've been up to.

So, I decided to apply for a guest designer position at one of the blog shops that I love, Shabby Chic Crafts, and for the app I had to send in some of my recent work. These are the things I put in; I had my friends help pick out the Layouts because I'm a horrible judge of my own work. This first one is from Josiah's exploits unrolling the toilet paper. The going home one is about how the kids each got special going home from the hospital outfits. And this best friends one is from superbowl sunday. Josiah and Ethan were taking turns pointing out "eyes" and "nose", etc. Josiah had to yawn and should have called a time out because Ethan took the opportunity to do "mouth" and stuck Josiah in the back of the throat. We all laughed hysterically at Josiah gagging and coughing, and it was a total fluke that I even had my camera out for this.

For the application I also had to include an altered item . . . something that is not meant for scrapbooking but that has been reused as a paper craft project. I made this summer margerita glass into a Smoothie/Mixed Drink recipe book for my sister's last birthday:

And I also had to include a mini album sample. This is the Lego album from Josiah and Ethan's first birthday party:

And a completely fabric album about my sister and me. Even the photos are fabric; I printed them on iron-on transfers and adhered them to white fabric, then sewed them onto the felt.

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The Bundy's said...

It's good thing I love you so much...otherwise I would hate you :)