Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dr appts, etc.

So, today I had the kids in to the dr for their check-ups and I must say it went way better than I thought it would. Since G starts kindergarten in 2 weeks (TWO WEEKS?!?!) she had to be seen and get her last round of shots - of course, there's been a run on the clinic for kids' immunizations before school starts so they were completely out of all of the shots my kids needed - and J needed his 2 year check. All is well, thankfully, although J is still underweight for his height. Oh, and they are only 11 inches apart in height . . . G is 3'11" and J is 3' exactly. But they are both developing just fine. Tomorrow we are going back in for a blood test for each of them to check if they have Kev's disease Hypophosphatasia. The dr isn't really worried since they don't exhibit any signs of it yet . . . G has a little caved-in part of her chest bone right by the sternum which the dr said might be related to the disease but it isn't threatening her lungs or heart . . . but she wanted a base-line test so if anything shows up later they have these readings to compare to. Other than that it was a good visit. J barely cried at all!

Oh, and Kev gets the rest of his teeth pulled tomorrow afternoon. One more horrible week of pain and throbbing and we'll be done with all that mess. Yay for genetic disease!

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