Sunday, August 9, 2009

outside fun

So, long story short, we've finished the backyard for this season. We did a ton of stuff to it . . . before and after photos to come . . . and got it done just before J's birthday. Kev got him a few little water/sand toys that J's been just itching to get back outside to play with. These photos were from the other day when I took the kids outside to shoot J's 2 year portraits and G's "My brother is getting his picture taken and I just have to get in there, too, Mom" portraits. It took no small amount of Cap'n Crunch and many, many promises that we'd play in the sandbox AS SOON AS WE ARE DONE to get the pictures but they turned out really cute so I guess it's usually worth it.
And so are these:
I love little summer hands covered in sand.
He caught a bug on his shovel.
Then he turned the shovel on me. He thought it was hilarious to try to dump rocks on the end of my lens.

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