Friday, October 23, 2009

and we're back.

So, after a bunch of photo editing that wasn't for personal use at all, I finally finished and now have time for me-stuff again. :) Last week was Fall Break for Gennie and Kev (it coincides with the opening of hunting season here but technically we aren't allowed to call it Hunting Holiday, even tho that's what it is) so we went to Salt Lake City for a quick vacation/dr appt for Kev. The appts went well and sorted some things out for him so that part was an answer to prayer. He's doing well and shouldn't have to return for 3 months or so unless something comes up. In between the 3 separate appts he had that day we decided to let the kids run off some energy at a random park we came across. All that riding in the car was soon forgotten and they had a great time chasing each other down the slide.
And everyone knows it's much more fun to go down butt-first with your legs out the side:
Love these beautiful kids!


Schnackenberg's said...

Yes, they are beautiful kids. Your pictures are very cute!!

Nana & Grandpa said...

Cutest grandkids around !!! Love the pictures. Give them hugs & kisses from us.