Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"what was that?" "believe it or not, personal growth!" - Leonard from The Big Bang Theory tv show

So yesterday I was reading one of my fav blog-lurking sites . . . yes, it was about scrapping . . . are you really that surprised? . . . and the chick was lamenting the fact that she, like so many other scrappers, spends all of her time behind the camera instead of in front of it. She finished with a challenge to us all to hand off the camera to someone, anyone, including our small children, to take a photo or two of us for a potential page. Riddled with guilt for always coming up with an excuse to take the photos . . . hair's not done quite right, no lipstick, it won't be framed like I want it (wow, that's just stuck-up now, isn't it?), Kev doesn't understand why I need 40 photos of the kids doing this so I'd better just do it myself, etc. . . I decided to wait until Gennie got home and see if she could take a new photo for my Facebook profile. And really, I'm almost never seen on here so it was about time to do a photo of me.

I've got to admit handing over my camera to her was quite a leap for me, and don't give me too much credit, this is just my little point-and-shoot, not my big camera (I'm leaping, not crazy!!) :
Honest to goodness, this photo wasn't staged to make a point. This was the first shot she took . . . I thought she had snapped the photo already because she moved the camera and I just knew she was going to drop it on the front porch . . . turns out she didn't press the button hard enough, hence the moving camera. She held on to it just fine, tho, and shot several pretty good pictures in the 5 minutes we were out there. The keeper is the one up at the top.
I guess I can be a little more trusting with her. She hangs on much tighter than I first thought . . . and doesn't protest NEAR as much as her daddy!


The Washburns said...

I love that picture of you...beautiful! (the top one that is:))

The Bundy's said...

Wow! Go Gennie go! I agree with Shannon BEAUTIFUL!

D'Et said...

I love the red hair! You look great. :)