Monday, October 12, 2009

recent craftiness

So, this past weekend we had a baby shower for two friends from church. In the midst of all the photo editing I've been doing I was able to finish up these blankets for the new little guys on their way - you know how I feel about every baby having a blankie. Both are crochet . . . the green one is a basketweave pattern I found somewhere and is really soft and thick (it took 7 skeins of yarn!) and the Winnie the Pooh is from a drawing of Pooh that I saw on one of the websites I lurk (I added the red strip for his shirt because in the original photo he kinda looked like a floating head) and the face parts I crocheted then sewed on. I had started them a while back but of course I procrastinated and left it all for this past week . . . stick with what you know, I guess. Anyway, by the time I got them finished I didn't want to give either of them away . . . I just loved them both! Oh well, I'll just have to make more someday.
Photos of us to follow, eventually. :)


The Leakes said...

You are so amazing! Who's baby showers were they for? They are pretty lucky!

Schnackenberg's said...

I know that I love mine!!! It works perfect in the baby room!