Saturday, July 31, 2010


So, in all the excitement of Jo's birthday and family pictures I forgot to post about our anniversary. That's right, our 10th anniversary! Can't even believe it's been 10 years already. Kev had been in Las Vegas for a school district convention until the 21st so I had plenty of time to cook up something without him knowing. We began with breakfast in bed:
I made him french toast and sausage! Both are throw pillows for when he is laid up with his legs hurting and confined to the couch. He was using these old raggedy pillows from when we lived at the trailer but they weren't very fun and I decided he needed some comfort food for when he's not feeling good. Oh, and I posed them here next to the piano bench so you can get an idea of the size of the toast. . . it's 6 inches wide all the way around the dark brown part (the crust). And the sausage is actually a neck pillow so he doesn't have to wad up and smash down a regular pillow to use on the couch. He LOVED them, although it was a little off-putting when I said, "I'll be right back with your breakfast," and then returned with a huge black garbage bag.

Next, I got to open mine. He made me a pearl necklace in Vegas! There's this place in Hawaii (where we went on our honeymoon) called the Pearl Company where you get to pick your own oyster and they crack into it to see if it has a pearl. The same company has a branch in Vegas, in the very hotel he was staying, so he went down and tried his luck at picking a pearl. Turns out this is one of the best coloring (more white than yellow) and bigger than usual . . . too bad his luck didn't extend to the poker tables . . . so he had it set in this necklace setting for me. I LOVE IT!!! And little did he know (well, he knows now) when we were in Hawaii I had seen this place and wanted to try picking an oyster but we newlyweds had no extra money to do it then. :)

My wonderful parents came over to watch the kids so we could go to dinner and a show that night. We went to the Nine Iron Grill at the golf course for supper . . . we hadn't been there before and it was nice, for a special occasion:

Of course since it is a nicer place I didn't want to just whip out my camera and ask the waitress to take our photo so instead you get to see purse-pictures of us:After supper we scrambled back to Green River to see the movie Inception. Fabulous show, even if it did have a "Kevin Ending" -- no spoilers here but a Kevin Ending denotes a movie where not everything is wrapped up nicely at the end. . . .
Fantastic way to celebrate 10 years together! We thank God so much for these years so far and pray He will bless us with many, many more!

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Jenny said...

Happy 10 years!!! Those pillows you made are amazing. You are so talented and creative!