Monday, July 19, 2010

mini me

So, I noticed something as I was editing our recent round of family photos. Josiah really is a smaller version of my dad. Exhibit A:
Fantastic photo of my parents. Love 'em!
Exhibit B:
My kids - love 'em, too. But look a little closer:They even SIT the same way! Palms on legs, feet flat on the floor (even tho Josiah is sitting on a ledge), left leg just a little in front of the right one. Honest to goodness, no one coached them to sit in any specific way. And the one of Gennie and Josiah was taken before the one of my parents so it's not as if Josiah saw the way Grandaddy sits and tried to be like him. It really just happened.

I love family traits.


The Washburns said...

that is hilarious!

The Bundy's said...

haha. That's awesome!