Friday, July 9, 2010

Disney Top Ten

So, I finished editing all the Disneyland photos. . . and ended up with 236. Rather than subject you to the dreaded "Vacation Photo Slideshow". . . really, who wants to see someone else's vacation photos? . . . I chose my top ten faves and we'll leave it at that.

1. Alien Blasters ride. Kev and Jo, both with their little ray guns, helping Buzz Lightyear save the universe from Zorg. Jo was beyond happy!
2. It's a Small World. Gennie loved every minute of it, and sang the song for most of the rest of the day.3. Jungle Cruise. I love love love this ride. I would live in the jungle forever if I could . . . as long as the jungle is just like this, without bugs and snakes and right smack-dab in the middle of civilization. 4. Tiki Room. And a family photo op.
5. FANTASMIC! I saw this show years ago on another trip to Disneyland. But this time I watched it with my own family, over my mom's shoulder, with my daughter on her tiptoes in front of us. I love that you can see both of their profiles lit up in this photo. Love it.
6. The Dumbo Ride. I loved this one when I was a kid and Gennie does, too!
7. Josiah loved Dumbo, too. This photo isn't the best of the ride but you can almost see Jo tucked in there with Kev.8. Tarzan's Treehouse. Kev and I took Josiah thru it while the others were on the Indiana Jones Adventure. He loved climbing all over and running on the rope bridges. In one of the rooms you can peek in and see Baby Tarzan with his gorilla mom. Josiah thought the monkey was stinky.
9. The Teacups. All 4 of us were in the teacup next to Mom and Sarah and Jonathan so we had a great view of him turning the teacup as fast as he could and Mom and Sarah trying really hard not to get sick.10. While we were waiting for one ride or another, we found a bench and let the kids run off some energy. They wanted to show us their very best attempt at a human Tiki -- I think they did pretty well!
These three posts are pretty much our vacation in a nutshell. I'm printing the rest of the photos for the mandatory vacation album . . . of course I'm making a separate Disney album . . . are you really surprised? :)

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sinkthis said...

wow! you narrowed it to 10?! is that possible for disney;) ps- i think vacay pix are fun.. a good way to live vicariously thru someone else!