Friday, February 23, 2007

Baby stuff - Teeth stuff

So, we had a whole day of dr appointments yesterday, but we got it all in without multiple trips to Rock Springs. We went to the periodontist (fancy dentist) first so I'll start with that news. Dr. Okano was very pleased to have found out that he can treat Kevin's situation the same way he would treat a regular case of gum disease. Basically that means that he is going to pull 8 teeth and start the process to protect the rest of them that are left. He'll have to have a partial denture that he'll wear from then on but he can eat with it in. Dr. Okano said he can't promise corn on the cob but he should at least be able to bite into a sandwich...which he can't even do now. There are several more things he plans to try on Kev but first things first. We were really encouraged to talk to him, tho, and hear that he believes that with treatment, Kev will be able to keep most of the rest of the teeth. Now we just have to harp on the insurance company to cover all this under medical and not dental because it's not at all to do with his teeth's all because of his genetic bone disease Hypophosphatasia.

After all that, we went to the baby dr and got checked out. Everything's measuring right where it should be and the heart's beating the 150's per minute. I've heard that you can determine the sex of the baby (kind of) by knowing how fast the heart rate is but everyone who has told me about has forgotten if fast is a girl or a boy. Oh well, I'll just have to wait until the next appt and find out. We'll have our ultrasound on Mar 15 and this time we really want to find out the sex. We didn't find out with Gennie because we wanted the first to be a surprise but this time we want to know so we can plan....if we need all new stuff we'd like a little time to get it all ready.

So that's our news for today. Good news all around!

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Grandma JoAnne said...

Great pictures of Kevin and his new guitar. It's a lot easier to haul a guitar around than a piano. Good news about Kevin's teeth too, they've learned a lot about that stuff in the past 25 years or so! Keep up the good work on the blog but...WE NEED GENNIE PICTURES!!!