Monday, February 26, 2007

Kevin's birthday!

Kev's birthday was last friday and boy, did we surprise him! He has been saving up his "pennies" for a while to buy his own guitar. He's been playing on the worship team for church and loving it but had to borrow a guitar from one of the other guys. That's awesome for a while but he was always worried about getting it scratched or something with the dog and Gennie running around. So, he decided he would save up for his own. Well, he almost had enough for the one he really wanted, a black on black Fender acoustic/electric, and I had decided to make up the difference for his birthday this year. He was in Colorado last week up until his actual birthday so my parents and I went to Pickin' Palace and got the guitar and the hard case for it. He had no idea!!! He got some more $$ in birthday cards so he planned on going to get it on Sat. morning. But after we had birthday dinner at the Rocky Mountain Noodle (pasta, go figure!) we came home to open gifts and I got out the case. He was REALLY surprised!

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