Thursday, September 20, 2007

8 weeks today

Has it really been 8 weeks already? He doesn't seem that old yet, but then again I can hardly remember life before him. I took these 2 month portraits this week so I could get them up here for the grandparents before he gets too much older. We compared them to Gennie's 2 mos portraits on the wall and wow, there's no denying this kid! He looks just like his sister! We also discovered that my photography style and skills have GREATLY improved in the past 3 years. I guess practice . . . and study . . . really does make perfect. Wonder what I'll think of my work from today in 3 more years?

Gennie had to get in on a few . . . really it was any excuse to get to roll on the quilt on the floor.

In other news . . . .

1. Kev goes to the orthopedic surgeon today for a follow-up visit. Long story short, he had a flare-up of his Hypophosphatasia and in the midst of it, dislocated his knee cap. All is better-ish now but he has to be seen to make sure he can go back to full duty at work, etc. The doc spoke of possibly doing exploratory orthoscopic surgery just to make sure everything is better but we'll seek a second opinion if he suggests that again. He's not the best doc, but gave the prescription for pain meds and that's what we really needed.

2. We'll run from that appt to the dentist for the appt to make the molds of his mouth to start the process for the partial dentures today. He called Tues. to find out how to start the process and the chick said they were already booking January. He reminded her of his situation and she immediately remembered and got him in today. Hopefully they will remember that the molding process may just take all the loose teeth out today and they'll have something ready in the way of a temporary partial so he isn't toothless for the next month while they make his real partial. He asked her if they would charge him the $98 per tooth even if they all come out in the mold and she said, "well, that wouldn't be fair, would it? I hope not."

3. I fit back into my Pre-Josiah jeans! Well, one pair at least . . . but that's big news for me! I've been stuck in my 2nd-trimester cargo pants since the delivery and I do like them but it's great to be back in my jeans! Reopens a huge part of my wardrobe!

4. We purchased my website template! Can't remember if I posted about that yet so I'll do it now. Now that I own the template, I just have to prepare all the text and galleries and Kev will upload it for me. I have the domain name I want but can't transfer it to the new hosting people until after Sept 28 so I'll get the info to everyone then so you can check me out! So excited!!!!!

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